Zambia Kitchen Design getting the green light…

 In 2019, Kitchen

The Zambia project anticipated much excitement and the starting point was the kitchen… the heart of not only this but every other home and lodge.

The skeleton for the project provided pretty much a blank canvas and the design Deborah had put forward was nothing less than beautiful, functional and challenging. Almost the entire plan was approved, from color scheme to tiles used and proposed seating… except for a wall that Deborah wanted to knock down.

So the wall stayed and plan B was implemented. In the image the virtual design (without the wall) is seen.

The green tiles are just beautiful and lends a very aristocratic feel to the space. Does it make you think of gems and emeralds?

You have to stay tuned in as we have not completed everything and guarantee  that you will be in love with the end product.

Deborah specializes in kitchen and bathroom design. She takes into account each and every important aspect from function to style to design the most suitable space for the given project. This is no exception.

Leisure or labour? The beauty of a job you love.

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