Already regarded one of South Africa’s premier interior designers, following her recent award win at the African Property Awards, 26-year design veteran Deborah Garth, is feeling on top of the world. Luke Thomas finds out more


Brilliant interior design has the ability to evoke emotion from even the hardest of hearts. Phenomenal interior design has the ability to do the same AND win awards. Deborah Garth’s latest win is one of a long list of achievements, but with this particular accolade coming from the prestigious African Property Awards, it means all that much more. “It’s a great honour to be thought of as one of the best interior designers in Africa,” she says. “It was a wonderful ceremony in Dubai and picking up my award was a joy to behold.” Deborah’s work is highly sought after; her style, flair and attention to detail taking her far enough to see her secure clients as far as Cornwall, England. The work that earned her the accolade was an Afro-European fusion project in Johannesburg. The commission – Tulani Sikwila Residence, for a client who frequently travels between Europe and Africa, saw her take inspiration from his travels, to deliver a challenging project that married African art with European design….

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