Why hire an Interior Designer for your next project?

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Looking for Interior Design Inspiration? Just visit the internet. There are infinite resources available and the choices offered are endless. Most vendors have a Facebook page, Pinterest and Instagram profiles, a website and most even have an online shop where you can browse and buy items directly online. At a certain price of course…

You might think that the articles you read on the latest Interior Design trends prepared you well enough to make important decisions about your DIY interior design project. You feel empowered by all the tools and resources available at your disposal and you are ready to take on the world never mind the “small” project you are about to start.

But how sure are you that the choices you are making are the right ones for you? How well did you think it through? How many contractors did you approach for quotations? How many of those are on the same page as you? How do you know that the plumber, builder, artisan of your choice actually understands your individual needs?

Just stop for a moment and breathe. Consider one last option; hiring an Interior Designer to handle the project from start to finish on your behalf. Why not?

Here are a few of the top reasons why people claim they prefer not to work alongside an Interior Designer:

  • She will highjack my project
  • Her fees are too expensive
  • She will not allow my personal preferences to shine
  • I will lose all control over what I planned to be my debut DIY design project

From conception to completion – total project management for your peace of mind

You have probably not thought about all the wonderful reasons why hiring an Interior Designer might turn out to be the best decision of your life.

Consider for one moment how many resources an interior Designer has. She has years of experience working with clients. She knows all the right questions to ask, she knows how to read your style even before you might know what your personal style is.

Here are all the top reasons why you should hire an Interior Designer for our next design project:

  • She is able to listen, see and feel with you the mood you want to create in your space.
  • She will be able to identify pitfalls which you might not be able to see with an unexperienced eye.
  • She knows all the right people to get the job done, from the builder, to the artisan to the upholsterer, plumber and the painter.
  • She has unlimited resources that she will willingly bring to the table during the decision-making phase of the project including a list of exclusive items to use in the design. This puts you in a position where you might end up bragging with state of the art items that you would have otherwise never known about.
  • She will be able to give you a complete cost assessment BEFORE the start of the project eliminating surprises which could cripple you down the road.
  • She will be able to assess and determine how long the project would take.
  • She will manage the design team while you can calmly watch from a distance.
  • She will be able to offer exclusive alternatives to products and items that you would not normally get from regular chain stores costing you a lot more than what you should be paying. Imagine beautiful unique and one of a kind pieces taking the place of ordinary over-priced items.
  • She will be able to help you make decisions that would stand the test of time, also saving you time and money in the long run.

Deborah Garth is the choice designer for many high-end clients looking for clean-cut designs. Her personal style leans towards minimalism that speaks of quality and durability.

Contact Deborah today.

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