The reinvention of the private study room now the home office

 In 2018, Home

The home office dates back to the Renaissance era (14th – 17th century) where the family father and head of the home would undertake important duties like writing, reading and general study work. This room was fitted with book shelves, a desk and seating and it was for the exclusive use of the father. Other terms for the study room includes parlor, library or office.

Now that the internet is becoming more and more accessible especially in the privacy of the home, the study room aka home office became a much needed space in the modern home. A study in the true essence took the back seat for a while but is rapidly becoming a very important but still somewhat underrated space. More people than ever before now enjoy the beauty of flexible working hours especially remotely from home.

When it comes to the layout of the modern home office, design is everything. You want a space that stimulates the senses, a space that is functional, practical yet beautiful at the same time.

Stereotype is OUT and intelligent design is IN!

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