Stunning Home Renovation in Progress Part 2

 In 2018, Home

In this video, part 2 of 3, one can see the development of very artistic features brought to this home.

Deborah envisioned details and with careful collaboration with other professionals, the vision was brought to life.

The opening scene invites us through the front door directly to the entertainment space on the patio where a mural of African Art is in progress. Unfinished, it already speaks of something very unique and beautiful. Can you imagine the completed product here?

White shutters accentuate the bright light in the home, giving us a glimpse of the planned “fresh” interior coming this way!

The very impressive marble tile taking us up the staircase and onto the first floor leaves one with a feeling that nothing can prepare us for the big reveal!

This is a typical ongoing project. It starts out with the desire to have more. There are endless possibilities when it comes to the partnership with an experienced Interior Designer.

Deborah created this space around the “less is more” concept. The high-end finishes and designer products used to design, develop and decorate the space makes it a piece of art on its own.

Make sure you watch Part 3 in this series to see how the project unfolds.

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