Should I hire an Interior Designer?

This is an important question leading to quite a few others. Here are some questions to ask before you dive right in!
1. Let’s talk budget and money. Are you prepared to pay the designer a fee for managing the project on your behalf? Will the results you are looking for, justify the cost thereof?
2. What are the services you are looking for?
Are you interested in:
• Space Planning
• Site and space measurement and assessment
• Design consultation
• Design Concept
• Purchasing or procurement
• Project Management
3. Do you know what your personal style is and can you describe it to a Designer?
4. Are you able to make good decisions regarding the project or would you rather trust / follow the opinion of someone else?
5. Is the designer in question someone who share the same vision and style as you?
Deborah is a leading, award winning Interior Designer with decades of experience making her the right person to turn to for successful execution of both residential and corporate Interior Design projects.
Call her today. Tel: 011 912 7689
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