Project Siavonga, Zambia.

 In 2019

Siavonga is a town in the Southern Province of Zambia, lying on the north shore of Lake Kariba. It is Zambia’s principal tourism centre for the lake, with accommodation, boating and fishing tours on offer. Lake Kariba is the world’s largest man-made lake. It is a vibrant place, with loads on offer for tourists who almost definitely will return after their first visit. The great Zambezi river forms part of the lake.

It is idyllic, offering unreal sunsets unique to Africa and it is here where Deborah and her client is planning yet another extraordinary project that will be completed in three to four years.

Deborah travelled to Zambia earlier this month and stayed for a few nights exploring the area and especially the site to be developed. It consists of buildings that will be renovated as well as areas to be developed, built on and landscaped in the years to come.

It is an exciting project, long term but very real. There are definite challenges involved but the outcome will be out of this world. In her mind, Deborah already has some thrilling concepts that will be revealed in stages.

So what is in the making? Deborah is sourcing white appliances for the kitchen and soft flowing fabrics to be used in some areas. She does not reveal too much but we are excited about the big divulge. Can’t wait!


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