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Being optimally productive while in the office is the one desire we all have in common. This is a big deal and there are many ways to achieve this goal, especially when taking Feng Shui principals in consideration.

Here is a short list of the most important aspects to cover when you want to make the most of the office space you have and the energy flow you allow in it.

Lighting, lighting, lighting… the most important aspect is to make sure you have all the lighting you need to keep you energized while at work and to make sure you don’t place too much strain on your eyes. The use of natural lighting is the first prize here, but also make sure you have optimal artificial lighting to switch to as soon as lower levels of natural light are available. Don’t opt for bright fluorescent lights in the office, rather choose lamps or LED lights.

Place your desk in the right position as this will allow you to not only feel secure while sitting for hours but also to make use of positive energy flow. If you are required to move around your desk, make sure you have ample space to do so. Place your desk is a strategic spot where you can ideally view the door, this is as good as an open invitation to new business coming your way – you don’t want to turn your back on new business…

The “command” position is supposed to enhance the feeling of being in control and to achieve this, you should place your desk in the farthest corner from the door or entry way. Make sure your chair is positioned in such a way that you feel securely backed up by a wall or a high object. Fill the space behind you with objects that grounds the area. A first glance at your work space should place attention on the fact that this is where the work is done.

Declutter the space! Yes, while you are in the heat of the moment working towards a goal you may have documents and other tools handy. But do take the time to clean up your space at the end of the task or ideally the end of the day. This will add to the feeling of accomplishment after a hard day’s work is done. Invest in storage solutions to keep your space organised and keep the efforts up at all time.

Breathe fresh, clean air to fuel your brain. You need to breathe loads of oxygen while working to really boost your productivity. It will not only leave you energized but also keep your mood up. Add a plant to two to your work space to clean the air. Office plants also adds a very natural feel to the space, softening the otherwise hard and cold environment.

Don’t limit decor as this can also limit your ability to really feel inspired while being under pressure to perform at your best in this space. Add some happy memories, or colorful goals as well as objects that speaks of your past achievements in clear view. You want to be reminded of WHY you actually work so hard and why you want to go home at the end of the day.

Be aware of color, shapes and textures as this can influence the energy in your work space too. Good Feng Shui colors for the office can be any pale or pastel hues but it really also depends on your personal preference and the type of energy you want to attract. Green, blue, yellow and black are great colors to use, just make sure you achieve balance between light and dark at all times. The use of textures as well as material can also influence the energy you attract. A wooden desk is always a good idea as it is grounding and natural.

Designing your office space should be at the top of your priority list as this directly enhances your ability to perform at your best. Deborah’s input in this regard can really change the way you function in your corporate or home office environment.

Contact Deborah Garth today for the best Interior Design you can afford. You will get return on this investment, many times over.

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