Let’s sit down and talk about designer chairs

 In 2019

“…chairs are anthropomorphic.

They look like us with feet, legs, seat, backs, and arms.”

– Galen Cranz (pg. 66 of The Chair)

We sit – in chairs. It is so easy to take for granted but oh so fascinating… Wherever we go we find chairs in numerous shapes and sizes, made from different materials, made for an array of functions. As a primarily western cultural symbol, a chair has social and cultural meaning. Chairs can communicate status and lifestyle, emotion and comfort.

Chairs has never been this hot and there is a real psychological approach behind choosing seating perfect for every situation. Slight changes in features such as pitch, height, padding, and seating arrangement can dramatically change a person’s mind-set during an interaction – and even the interaction itself. Creating the “right seat” is paradoxically about moving people: to act, work in partnership, make a decision, or evolution within environments.

  • A high stool at a kitchen-, bar- or restaurant counter can create the feeling that you are part of the energy flow in the room and not below it. 
  • A soft chair that reminds you of home can make you feel more comfortable when visiting the doctors rooms when sick.
  • An upright chair can make you feel empowered while visiting a car dealer (where many buyers feel intimidated by a lack of information to make a good decision when buying a new car).
  • In the office it is advisable to have good upright seating for computer work but also comfortable couch seating  while doing creative work.
  • In restaurants a chair with comfortable back support and a soft cushion can make customers stay longer and eat more – good for the waiter’s sales (and tip!!!)
Deborah is an expert in all Interior Design situations but she especially pays attention to good quality designer seating for each and every space. Aesthetically pleasing chairs and couches are as importance as comfort, support and function. The latest trend includes a lot of ergonomically designed chairs that is able to change in height or angle for a perfect fit.
This is your call to call Deborah for the perfect fit in chairs. Let’s have a seat… and decide for yourself … From where I am sitting, it is looking like a grand idea to get the best sitting advise.
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