Kitchen Design – Zambia Project Follow Up

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It is always nice to hustle in and around your immediate area and in Deborah’s case, mostly Gauteng and other cities in South Africa. So to get those rare and wonderful projects in exotic locations like Siavonga, Zambia just excites us all to the bone!

A few months ago marked  the beginning of this delightful project and we are well away with operations. We showed you the first designs for the kitchen make-over and in this blog we reveal the final approved design.






Bathroom and kitchen design remains two very important aspects in interior design.   This is what Deborah specialises in. Now, design has come a long way and the innovative 3D rendering tools available makes it so much easier for a designer to show the client what she envisions for the project. In this case, it helped us see the difference between having a wall separating the kitchen and dining area vs having an open-plan space where the cooking and food preparation space of the kitchen is part of the dining area.


The final decision was made and the wall was there to stay. This basically gave us the green light to continue with the project. The gorgeous green accent tile lends such a beautiful living vibe to the area. It reflects the beauty found in and around the area of Siavonga.




The rest of elements found in this design just brings the look together. We are in the heart of Africa here, and beautiful African art pieces will make a bold statement including the chandelier over the dining table.








We are not done yet, and as always, will share the final completed product with you in time! Watch this space…






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