Is this an art gallery or a double garage?

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The garage – noun – a building for housing a motor vehicle or vehicles. That’s it? Really? No features?

  • Usually not decorated and possibly quite boring.
  • A room with a large door allowing a car to safely enter and exit the space.
  • May be purposed for storing other items beside vehicles.
  • May be a very neat, organised space with loads of shelving and cabinets.
  • Can also be an unorganized space filled with clutter.

In this case the focus is on art. It is just about too beautiful to be a garage. One almost get the feeling that you want to linger in the open door for a while longer to appreciate the splendor before safely parking the car.

The [colored] back wall was done by The Singing Palette company – an abstract of Johannesburg skyline built up with 4mm plaster to create a 3D effect.

The [black and white with blue] side wall is covered in a street scene wallpaper with digitally printed photographic images applied to two perspex panels, designed by The Cow Artworks and Just-Us Crafts.

Collaboration is key! It takes the vision of a single person setting a snowball into motion, delivering an outcome that is above and beyond all expectation. Do you need more reason to be convinced of the benefits of having an Interior Designer on speed dial?

Who would have thought that art belongs in a garage? Only an Interior Designer? Deborah perhaps?

Now, which car would YOU leave in this garage? I have my favorite, what is yours?

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