How to explain your style to an Interior Designer?

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When you decide to hire an Interior Designer to match your personal flair to that of a specific style, there is a certain amount of introspection and analysing of your surroundings that need to be done in order to get to the epi-centre of your style. There are many facts to consider and questions to ask.
• Is this your main residence and how much time do you spend there?
• What is it that you want to get out of your home? Should it be a private relaxing haven, should it be a place to entertain, should it be a place to work from home?
• How often do you entertain and on what scale?
• Explain the mood of the rooms – is it a sophisticated, formal home or a laid-back, spontaneous home?
• How vital is natural light? What lighting temperament do you want at night?
• Do you prefer an open room concept or to have unique separate spaces?
• Will there be children living, visiting or playing around the home?
• Do you have collections or family treasures to show off? Inherited or collected furniture and/or antiques?
• How important is media in the home? Should there be a media room or should the home be equipped with a central media system?
• How well should the kitchen be equipped for home cooking?
• Should the garden be ornamental, formal or indigenous?
• How important is indoor/outdoor living balance?
• Do you have colour, texture, and textile preferences?
Now, once you have answered some questions, your Interior Designer will take the answers and start building your personal style profile and match that with styles.
The perks of having an interior designer on-board, is that she will be able to guide you completely into achieving the best results possible in terms of matching items, colour, texture, mood and lighting to your personal preferences.
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