Home styling or staging for selling success

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Are you selling your home and hoping to get the best possible price for your home? This is the time to look at your property from a buyer’s perspective. What are buyers looking for? What sells a home? What can you do to make your property for sale even more attractive than the one before or after yours?

The real estate industry is as competitive as ever. Home owners are looking for properties that leaves them inspired and with a sense of being “well off”. They want to be inspired by the property and the lifestyle attached to it. No buyer has ever left a property that is well styled and staged feeling that their time was wasted on the view of the particular property.

Did you know that many homes are sold based on the lifestyle that was sold and not always based on the property itself? Yes, buyers are looking at homes from an emotional point of view.  Recent studies showed that an investment in staging of a property may increase the value with as much 20%. That is definitely worth the effort.

Here are a few tips on how to make the most of your selling process. This involves having the services of an Interior Designer on hand. Having a knowledgeable person to make recommendations can save you time and money in your quest to sell.




Let’s have a look at what home staging or styling really involves. 

Professional home staging or styling is the process of using a property stylist to stage your property with furniture when preparing for sale. Generally, items are hired for a certain term.




The benefits are huge:

  • It generates emotional buyers which in turn drives the price up and helps the home to sell quickly.
  • It shows space and perception in real estate photography.
  • Highlights the best features of the property.
  • Distracts from some negative features of the property for example; stains or scratches on floor etc.
  • Helps buyers to fall in love with the property.
  • An enormous advantage of property staging is clearly selling the property speedily, and reaching the best possible price at the same time.

Deborah has been involved in numerous home staging / styling projects. The success of your home sale may just be in her hands. Give her a call today!





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