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South Africa is diverse in many ways. Not only do we have a broad cultural spectrum influencing interior design trends in our country but also burning desire to broaden our horizons in terms of trend and design.

Global tendencies definitely have an effect on our design choices but in South Africa, our style is mostly influenced by our lifestyle, our unique culture, the exceptional climate we enjoy and mostly the desire to create spaces and especially homes that are sanctuaries. We opt for comfort, a place to rest and recuperate, and just be…

Speaking in terms of interior styles the list goes on forever. Again it is a very personal choice that determines the style you incorporate into your life. Getting expert advice to accurately pin-point and match a style to your personal desire can be tricky but need not be. Appointing an interior designer worthy of the job will make the challenge more of a pleasant journey.

So where are we in terms of style? Let’s have a look at the influencers:

Lifestyle – Johannesburg city living compared to Paternoster coastal living cannot be compared, yet it may influence flow, form and function of a space. The accent is again placed on the desire to come home to serenity and a place to unwind. Bringing a bit of Paternoster to your Johannesburg home may be all you need to survive the busy urban life.

Culture – social behaviour and norms found in societies has a massive influence on style. Minimalism has come to age in a time of life when our greatest desire is to live a simple yet comfortable life. Less is more in many ways and functionality is now the top concern since most homes are smaller than half a century ago.

Climate – in South Africa we now enjoy almost year round warm to hot weather calling for styles that once again speaks of comfort and functionality where the outdoors almost merge with the indoors.

Most popular interior design style in South Africa includes:

Minimalism – in interior design means spacious rooms with minimum of furniture and details. The main element of this style is attention to shape, colour and texture.

Modern – in its simplest terms, modern interior design refers to the reflection of the modern art movement on the interiors of the home. There are several central characteristics; clean straight lines, use of metal, minimalism, lack of clutter and the use of bold accent colour.

Contemporary – refers to what is popular or used right now. This may include an array of elements in trend.

Traditional – this is one of the most popular styles used to decorate homes. It incorporates design elements from a variety of centuries, which allows homeowners to feel comfortable and elegant at the same time. The traditional style features warm, rich colours that are very inviting.

Eclectic – encompasses a variety of periods and styles and is brought together through the use of colour, texture, shape and finish.

African – is all about combining earthy tones with splashes of vivid colours, organic materials, captivating prints, and bold décor elements. With colours and patterns evoking nature in its richness of tones, tints, and shades, African décor is energetic, fascinating, and inspiring.

British Colonialism – a style created by the British explorers of the 15th – 17th Centuries.  It is a unique interior style, with travel- influenced characteristics including leather trunks, lightweight bamboo furniture and heavy, dark timber furniture. Conservatory inspired art and all white walls and upholstery.

Your best bet in understanding, developing and applying your personal style is in a consultation with Deborah Garth. You are worthy of an exceptionally well thought-through space flattering your dreams and desires when it comes to style.

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