This project was the most pleasurable with my new clients who were becoming regular clients. The brief was simple viz. do your thing but slowly hubby started to get involved with his ideas and references to bars he had frequented. When this happens, it is imperative to listen and then direct the client to realise that this is a different space and one cannot copy or use elements that are not in keeping with design, function and again, his space ie residential is different to a commercial bar.



Drawings were accepted and I used a wood joiner specialistwho quoted and commenced. It wasn’t plain sailing, mind. Both hubby and wife could not visualise from drawings. To do 3d max costs and they wanted to avert those costs so I had to get the joiner to build a mock up and bring to site, lift into position and get a nod. Charged for but not as much as 3d max. Hubby questioned measurements etc. The name of the game and taken in my stride. Colour to panels were easy enough for me but again we had to spray then get a nod.

It was a pleasant installation and works were completed on time regardless of the interruptions mentioned above. Hubby was ecstatic! I give the wood joiner specialist high five! everything built exactly to spec. Love it! This is so important to have the right team on board. We all understand each other, know our place and get on with it.

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