Award Winning Home Renovation Project

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This has been an incredible journey – not only for the home owner but also for Deborah who was involved in this project from the initiation thereof. What started out as an exciting home renovation quickly evolved into a award winning ordeal.

Earlier this year Deborah was invited to enter the African Property Awards in the Category Private Residence Interior Design. She decided to go with this one, as it was a beautiful marriage of art and design. The competition was tough, as you can imagine, but in October Deborah flew out to Dubai to receive the award for the category she entered. Now, because Deborah is passionate about her work, receiving an award for it, is not the real prize. For her, the true reward lies in the knowledge that she transformed more than just a home for a client.

Read more about how good Interior Design can transform your life in an upcoming blog…

Now, lets get back to the project. It is completed now and it is a true stunner. As soon as you enter the property you are transported to a magical place where you come eye to eye with beautiful surprises around every corner. African art fused with European design perfectly compliments each area.

White walls and shutters allow bright light into the home where the accent is placed on modern furniture and exquisite art. Each room is furnished to fully optimize available space and layout. The color scheme is neutral leaving you feeling just fine while being completely absorbed in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

Make sure you enjoy and indulge in this 3D experience.

Enjoy this 3D experience showcasing award winning interior design

Contact Deborah today to start an amazing journey with her. We often get so focused on the destination that we neglect the importance of the journey. With Deborah on-board, you can fully rely on her capability to bring to you spaces where your soul is fed and your lifestyle is enhanced. Now, that is a promise that cannot be kept by just any Interior Designer.


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