Deborah Garth, one of South Africa’s premier interior designers, is an award-winning professional with a flair for remodeling spacious homes and private commercial space. Her work has been featured on the DSTV Home Channel and SABC3 TV, Radio 702, in the Sunday Times, South African Garden and Home Magazine, Habitat Magazine and in other print and broadcast media throughout the country.

Deborah Garth on Homify – Posh kitchen design ideas in Sandton

Interior designers in Sandton, Johannesburg showcase their magnificent craft for creating excellent kitchens catering to everyone’s needs. Deborah Garth Interior Design doesn’t go sparingly on chic sophistication adding her very own modern touch which is eminent in these beautiful kitchen design ideas.


Deborah Garth Interior Design executes projects for High End Residential and Commercial projects. “In the commercial world, high impact design and pure efficiency are all important. Residential is far more subjective – a variety of emotions are involved and a closeness to my clients becomes essential.”


  • I have known Deborah Garth for a number of years and have been aware of the dynamic design work that she has been involved with over the years. So, when I wanted to redesign the Cornish cottage I had purchased, it was without hesitation that I invited Deborah to put forward her thoughts and ideas to transform a rather “tired” dwelling. I now have vibrant rooms with colour and texture, awash with light, simply furnished, yet extremely comfortable. Deborah’s innate ability to mix colour and pattern epitomises her experience in a challenging business. It has proved to me beyond doubt, that although one has ones own ideas, engaging an innovative professional who is understanding and can interpret exactly what you want, is the only way to be thoroughly satisfied with the end result. I would have no hesitation in recommending her Interior Design abilities.

    Malcolm Sherman Marketing and Advertising consultant.
  • I have known Deborah Garth for many years both in a personal and business capacity. Over the years Deborah has done many design jobs for me- some big, some small. They have been both residential and business. All jobs undertook were done with Deborah’s unique flair and creativity. It was a pleasure to hand over the reigns to her knowing that the job was in safe hands and I could carry on with my life without worrying. Many years down the line her work still looks new due to the quality she works with and the above average people she uses. I have found Deborah to be, in my words, classically contemporary. She remains ahead of trends and techniques and I look forward to using her expertise and suggestions in the near future.

    Pam Harley Personal Trainer
  • I have known Deborah Garth for many years. She helped me initially with with the interior design of my house in Weltevreden Park some time ago, and very recently with my new home – a much smaller, downsizing, experience. Her comprehension and design instincts, are innovative and simple, stylish and refreshing. and I’ve just had a preview of her latest, and in my view, exciting design direction . In short, I regard her as one of the very few ‘true interior designers’ around in S.A today – the rest being merely, ‘decorators’, in my opinion. Having spent a large portion of my working life as a Production Designer for Film, and Television, I have some knowledge. And,there’s a vast difference between the two.

    Dennis Kightley Production Designer for Film, and Television
  • My parents had used Deborah for a fairly large residential project and given their successful experience of that when I found a house that needed work I knew exactly who to call. Deborah is an energetic and inspiring force, she engages patiently and advises soundly. I had a vague idea of what I wanted and she eagerly translated that into a working concept. Deborah had her eye on the detail and was able to quickly identify where there were potential problems to either prevent them or to efficiently and effectively deal with them. Deborah’s team of service providers were professional and each component beautifully seemed to come together; under Deborah’s guidance and management. Our journey together was only a pleasure for me and the result is a house metamorphosed into my dream home.

    Sue-Ann Bright Counselling Psychologist
  • There is beauty in lines, Real vision is time related, A marble yard is a colouring book, Alone can be good and Quiet has a place She showed me how..... Books can live on the floor and still have life, All women have it. But some women don’t cook. A few people are worth waiting for While others need to be left and forgotten I saw..... How she knows a full and textured life. She has kindness and comedy in her patience. Her inspiration knows passion even when she doesn’t feel it. How she juggles six worlds at once and still smiles Quietly and over much silence she said.... That children come back, sometimes. That she can listen and very rarely, let us listen to her. She is clear and loyal. Survival is not an option. And freedom hard earned is yours. For all of this, and the home you created, thank you

    Deborah taught me....
  • I have had numerous work done at my home through Deborah Garth over the years and have always been so happy . I think because she listens to the brief from her clients and I have always loved the outcome. She is also reliable and sticks to her dead lines. Her lines are clean , her ideas innovative, and she also works a lot with texture. Not forgetting the ambient moods she provokes. She is brilliant

    Michelle Manne
  • It has been an honor and a pleasure working with Deborah Garth on several projects. Thank you Deborah for your continued support.

    Frank Brand
  • I love working with Deborah on her bathroom projects. She changes old sad bathrooms into beautiful, classy and very easthetically pleasing home spa's. With her flair and Showerline shower ranges she works magic!

    Susan Botma
  • Deborah is a very professional Interior Designer with very high standards and very good taste. She is committed to her projects 100% and provides and outstanding service.

    Doreen Sitsakis
  • I Have been fortunate to work with Deborah Garth on several of her projects as the building contractor, for me it's always inspiring to do something different and there has been not one project that has been the same. she always manages to come up with new fresh ideas and design on each project making each completed work, a master piece

    Greg Long

Great Interior Design is like a candle in the window…. no-one can miss its brilliance!


Who is Deborah Garth?

Deborah is a full-service designer who has 27 years experience updating and upgrading the homes of corporate executives, business owners, lawyers, engineers, and other professionals in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban and Cornwall, England. She also has designed and refurbished offices and retail outlets, including shopping mall stores, beauty salons, an advertising agency and designed exhibition stands.

I undertake each project with my vision statement in mind: Simplicity. Attitude. Honesty. Harmony. This is the way I express my passion and purpose in life. Why do I do it? To educate and inspire

I’d like to congratulate you for achieving success in the Africa & Arabia Property Awards 2018-2019. Please accept my congratulations to your whole team for the splendid efforts made in order to achieve this success. Stuart Shield President, International Property Awards.


High End Residential

In this particularly pleasurable and changing sector, a very subjective view is taken and embraced. A variety of emotions are involved and a closeness to my clients becomes essential. Great care is given with investments made in this area, resulting in pure joy.


Commercial projects

 High impact design and pure efficiency are all important in the commercial world. High costs are involved requiring a sensitive understanding of each clients needs. A return on investments is tantamount in this sector. Knowledge of all disciplines are key to achieving growth and satisfaction within this working environment.

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